Life in a Haunted House

I too live in a haunted house. I live near Goodyear World Headquarters and am the second owner of the house. The house was built in 1922 and was owned by the same family until 2008. I love my house very much! It is a place of calm and warmth with a few little surprises.


haunted house kids trick or treatWe never get any trick-or-treaters. I can tell myself that it’s because we’re the only house on a dead-end street and surely, being off the beaten path is part of the problem. But if I’m to be completely honest, it’s because I know that little kids are afraid of our home.

Yes, we live in THAT house.

It’s the one we all dared each other to visit on Halloween. The one that got the occasional egging from only the bravest, most rebellious teens. The one that made toddlers cry.

In the neighborhood I grew up in outside of Chicago, there was a dark, recessed house that looked like a Turkish prison. It definitely stuck out, as the rest of the homes in our neighborhood had been built in the early 1960s and had a decidedly family-friendly feel to them. Swing sets in the back yard, goofy Halloween decorations and middle…

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Final Saturday

I was back in maniac ward swinging from bodies. I got sick at about 10pm but after a rest and some food I went back to it! The director went through and I bit him on the arm armor. LOL. People didn’t think that I would. It was a great moment.
Dialog used:
“peek-a-boo! They’re watching you”
“they are always watching”
I also said nursery rhymes and singing little ditties.

I was complimented quite a few times. That made me feel good about being the new person.

Sad news… The barge “Fear at Navy Pier” sank from the high winds and 25′ waves.

Maniac Ward

The night started playing in the area amongst the hanging bodies.. Moving in the space, feeling around, and interacting with the other actors. A guy and I were playing around he was like my calm down button. He would pet me or let me bite him.
Biting became my thing…. Is that why Murmur wears a mask?? If she is a biter, why?
I tried to bite a lot of things including the doctor.

The doctor in the room is on a fly rail ( not 100% sure why) but the doctor moves as if he is a muppet master controlling the ward. He is fluid in his movements and the maniacs follow his command.

On maniac girl injured herself. She was climbing on a fence and fell off hitting her head. I hope she is ok! She was so much fun to play with! She is animated and goofy. Her movements were wild with flailing arms and erratic body waving.

From my vantage point I could watch the actors nicely.

The girl at the entrance was would slam herself against the a plexiglass window the fall down and stand up using only her legs but her body was arched back. Like a back bend into standing. It was amazing to see and sort of freaky!

By the middle of the night I was tired and still had to be effective so I started swinging from the hanging bodies. I played peek-a-boo with the customers they didn’t really know which one I was so I scared them. by saying “peek-a-boo” then I would turn around on my platform and scare them on the other side as they went out the door.
Sometimes I would watch them as the passed by and the audience would watch me back the effect was fun! I would swing around from one side to the other and the audience would drop to the ground. “Peek-a-boo… I see you” became “peek-a-boo….They’re watching you” I would say peek-a-boo on one side then “they’re watching you” on the other.

Fun night I hope to repeat.!

Working In Chicago

Working in Chicago so far has been a great experience. Not so much for the acting but the way the production is run.
Stage mangers keep the production in pace. They assign the roles for the night and they keep the actor records. They watch the monitors. They have a walkie.
ASM’s keep track of the inside of the haunt, making sure the actors are safe and giving them cough drops and candy. They are also in charge of keeping the flow of the audience. They have a walkie.
Room Managers keep tabs on the actors and their safety. They also break the actors. They have a walkie.
Backstage Manager keeps track of the goings on between the ticket booth, the front of house, and the promo tent.
Promo Tent sells merch.
Front of House people work the queues.

Maniac Ward!! Was so fun to work!!

good pics



Opening Chicago Weekend

I was directing traffic on Friday and Saturday nights. I had a great time when Stallion was in the area with me but when Chains was there it was lack luster.
Chains would stay seated at the bus honking the horn and flashing the lights. Where as Stallion would head bang to the music climb all over the the seat and through the window. It was great fun!! More energy was nice!

My makeup was NOT gory!!!! NOT!

I am hoping to get to see the show next week! Hoping! I need to see the actors. So that I can better understand the acting.

dress rehearsal

At least I can use my own costume…

I’m feeling unenthused!
Mediocre make-up – everyone gets there makeup done by a very small staff. who doesn’t have there department together very well. I was hoping to do my own make-up but I am not allowed. I have to look like a everyone else. I will end up with lines all over me and air brushed by someone who doesn’t know how muscle fibers go on the body.

costumes all the same! People wear a straight jacket of sorts or cover alls… Not the creativity I was looking for in a haunt.

I am in an area called the kennel… it is a new room this season and there are dog animatronics and blood and what looks to be like fun stuff. a strobe the is slow is there and that isn’t too bad. it is very load!!!! VERY!

I was instructed by the director what he wanted and what dialog he wanted to hear. It is not to say that I don’t have any creative rights it is just what he suggested. I liked his input.
“Dogs are just as good as their people (sometimes you get a good one)”

it is very dirty there and there is fog. i keep coughing. can’t really stop.

I will add more later.


Auditions for a paid internship went very well. Being in front of John LaFlamboy was great. Another theatre geek running a haunt is what I need. I am going to hang on his every word.
It was a cattle call and I have a bad cold. I went and filled out the application and got my picture taken and went to a holding area. I introduced myself to a few people and we formed a group. Luckily we stood by the door and I only had to wait 30 min. My group went into a room and stood in front of a panal of people. We were asked our names and why were there and then asked to do movements.
1) Slime
2) crack
3) other sounds we had to emulate
We were then asked to do improv a scene. I had to play overwhelmed on a blind date at an art museum with a nervous shy person.
In the end I went up to say thank you and Jon told me I had the job and I smiled and said thank you! He was floored that I came from Ohio to audition.

My cold sent me home a day early so I didn’t get to see my friends but I’ll be back in a week!
I am very excited!

Flying was amazing!!!!!!

I was climbing in Caves 2!


Murmur’s story just flashed before my eyes!

I am writing in her journal.. All from a song Babyface.. and oldies song.

likes to climb.
clicking is a good sound.
leads with chin or head or chest.

Mask is important I helps me transform.


Having gone through an orientation before I was aware of most everything that was gone over at orientation yesterday. 

Using weapons was good for me to pay attention to… I picked up the chain and was smitten! I forgot how much I dug playing with chains. The machete was fun too but with the right chain in my hands I could feel power. HAHA!

I had trouble handling the bat and had to be helped with that weapon prop. That is fine since it just felt wrong in my hands. Being helped was strange but welcomed.

Being there felt good! I stayed to myself and I liked watching the kids create drama for themselves and the Lords try and quell their frustrations. 

This year I saw a bit of the word “family” around people. Some people were creating an anxiety atmosphere while some tried to honestly create a wholesome atmosphere. The people who were, lets say on the outside, were talking down to people and even a few people close to my circle were doing that which, for me created an air of discomfort. I see people having to beg for recognition with them and even in this caste system there should be more of teaching, as they preach, then people having an air of inflated ego. In the haunt industry there is always something more to learn and grow from as most of these people should know for being high up in the caste system.

There were new additions made to the house and they look great. one of my favorite areas got revamped and is now larger and more maze like… FUN! 


I’m excited to start the season! This ethnography I hope will be good.