I said “yes”

I said yes to what I am going to call an “internship.” This will protect people. I am excited about the up coming Haunt season!

I am still going to auditions in Chicagoland for a different haunt because I love this company and I want to see how I fair in auditioning process. And I will keep you updated on how it goes. It is important part to the acting world, auditioning, so I feel I need to go on as many auditions as I can. In the end it will be 2 total.

I have been to one audition and that went very well. I did my Rag Doll and Murmur characters for the audition.

I walked in to a garage to where I was not greeted but asked where my contact was and this was discerning. I went to a hallway and entered a room with my contact and he and another guy were sitting there waiting for next applicant. They asked me how I was and what my back ground in the haunt industry and in theatre. They then asked me what I can do. I told them about my stock characters and they asked about my rag doll. So I prepared my body and set up. I shut my eyes and bent at the hips and began. They loved her!!! Then I pulled Murmur out (with some resistance), but again they loved her, she even got a few scares. They said both were CREEPY… Hooray!

So here’s to the start of the season!

More to come!



I wish I would have stayed and not done Chicago. BUT I’ve learned alot from the Chicago people. They are really great, a lot less drama and more fun!! They do promo runs and they do movies and all around seems to have more fun and are less stressed!


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