Having gone through an orientation before I was aware of most everything that was gone over at orientation yesterday. 

Using weapons was good for me to pay attention to… I picked up the chain and was smitten! I forgot how much I dug playing with chains. The machete was fun too but with the right chain in my hands I could feel power. HAHA!

I had trouble handling the bat and had to be helped with that weapon prop. That is fine since it just felt wrong in my hands. Being helped was strange but welcomed.

Being there felt good! I stayed to myself and I liked watching the kids create drama for themselves and the Lords try and quell their frustrations. 

This year I saw a bit of the word “family” around people. Some people were creating an anxiety atmosphere while some tried to honestly create a wholesome atmosphere. The people who were, lets say on the outside, were talking down to people and even a few people close to my circle were doing that which, for me created an air of discomfort. I see people having to beg for recognition with them and even in this caste system there should be more of teaching, as they preach, then people having an air of inflated ego. In the haunt industry there is always something more to learn and grow from as most of these people should know for being high up in the caste system.

There were new additions made to the house and they look great. one of my favorite areas got revamped and is now larger and more maze like… FUN! 


I’m excited to start the season! This ethnography I hope will be good.




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