Auditions for a paid internship went very well. Being in front of John LaFlamboy was great. Another theatre geek running a haunt is what I need. I am going to hang on his every word.
It was a cattle call and I have a bad cold. I went and filled out the application and got my picture taken and went to a holding area. I introduced myself to a few people and we formed a group. Luckily we stood by the door and I only had to wait 30 min. My group went into a room and stood in front of a panal of people. We were asked our names and why were there and then asked to do movements.
1) Slime
2) crack
3) other sounds we had to emulate
We were then asked to do improv a scene. I had to play overwhelmed on a blind date at an art museum with a nervous shy person.
In the end I went up to say thank you and Jon told me I had the job and I smiled and said thank you! He was floored that I came from Ohio to audition.

My cold sent me home a day early so I didn’t get to see my friends but I’ll be back in a week!
I am very excited!

Flying was amazing!!!!!!

I was climbing in Caves 2!


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