dress rehearsal

At least I can use my own costume…

I’m feeling unenthused!
Mediocre make-up – everyone gets there makeup done by a very small staff. who doesn’t have there department together very well. I was hoping to do my own make-up but I am not allowed. I have to look like a everyone else. I will end up with lines all over me and air brushed by someone who doesn’t know how muscle fibers go on the body.

costumes all the same! People wear a straight jacket of sorts or cover alls… Not the creativity I was looking for in a haunt.

I am in an area called the kennel… it is a new room this season and there are dog animatronics and blood and what looks to be like fun stuff. a strobe the is slow is there and that isn’t too bad. it is very load!!!! VERY!

I was instructed by the director what he wanted and what dialog he wanted to hear. It is not to say that I don’t have any creative rights it is just what he suggested. I liked his input.
“Dogs are just as good as their people (sometimes you get a good one)”

it is very dirty there and there is fog. i keep coughing. can’t really stop.

I will add more later.


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