Maniac Ward

The night started playing in the area amongst the hanging bodies.. Moving in the space, feeling around, and interacting with the other actors. A guy and I were playing around he was like my calm down button. He would pet me or let me bite him.
Biting became my thing…. Is that why Murmur wears a mask?? If she is a biter, why?
I tried to bite a lot of things including the doctor.

The doctor in the room is on a fly rail ( not 100% sure why) but the doctor moves as if he is a muppet master controlling the ward. He is fluid in his movements and the maniacs follow his command.

On maniac girl injured herself. She was climbing on a fence and fell off hitting her head. I hope she is ok! She was so much fun to play with! She is animated and goofy. Her movements were wild with flailing arms and erratic body waving.

From my vantage point I could watch the actors nicely.

The girl at the entrance was would slam herself against the a plexiglass window the fall down and stand up using only her legs but her body was arched back. Like a back bend into standing. It was amazing to see and sort of freaky!

By the middle of the night I was tired and still had to be effective so I started swinging from the hanging bodies. I played peek-a-boo with the customers they didn’t really know which one I was so I scared them. by saying “peek-a-boo” then I would turn around on my platform and scare them on the other side as they went out the door.
Sometimes I would watch them as the passed by and the audience would watch me back the effect was fun! I would swing around from one side to the other and the audience would drop to the ground. “Peek-a-boo… I see you” became “peek-a-boo….They’re watching you” I would say peek-a-boo on one side then “they’re watching you” on the other.

Fun night I hope to repeat.!


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