During our movement exercises we learned how to lead with our; chest, head, butt, and hips. These were very good exercises except I saw everyone copying the other person and walking in circles. This action of walking in a circle around the leader. I wanted to break the circle so bad I felt is was hindering my creativity. But the movements were good and maybe 3% actually listened to him.

At this internship the director controls everything… from dialog to make-up/costumes. They do not teach others to create the scare.
In this industry I feel that teaching others to create the scare is beneficial to the growing industry.

The director held an advanced character development class… He handed out a sheet on how to create a back story and this was amazing! I was very excited to see how things would pan out.
He was looking for Backstory-Prison History-Physical-Vocal-The Mind. There are sub-categories but it was very insightful to the depth that the director wanted the character.
(I will upload a picture of worksheet at a later date)





Sunday (10/12)I was put in the deli where I had to “sell” meats. I took some “intestines” and told people they were freshly pulled out of a human. Then I found “skin” HAHAHA! and told audience that I had just peeled it and was letting it dry to my cracklin! Chitlins and cracklin! It went over very well and I was complimented alot! At one point I went to get 2 cups of blood and rubbed it everywhere! LOL!!! Made the scene even better! I had a blast!

How to feel strong and powerful when being 5″2″??
Learn how to slither.
Clicking sounds work!


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